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Pink Lotus Art Studio

I want take this moment to say thank you for visiting my website. 

My name is Betsy and I live in Southern California's San Gabriel Valley.  I  have an amazing husband, we have a daughter who is married, a cat that we inherited and we are the proud parents of a 100 pound golden-doodle. I have spent many years teaching yoga and meditation and then Covid happened. I was drawn to working with acrylic paint on canvas when the world took a time out to deal with the pandemic.  It is now my passion and I hope the images that bring me comfort and joy, touch your hearts as well. I started with cute cat images, went into silhouettes and my personal lifestyle then began to creep into my work. One day my husband came home with an underwater photo he had taken that caught my eye and, as you will see, I took to underwater creatures.  There is a calming effect watching ocean life and I hope to bring that feeling to my underwater paintings.  

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